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Advisor Photo Steve Bigalow
When Steve Bigalow first started using candlestick analysis in the late 80’s, his trading was decidedly low-tech. He would call in his orders from a phone tied to the dashboard of his truck while driving to real estate renovation projects. Fast forward twenty-five years.  Bigalow long ago traded in the pick-up for a Mercedes SL500, and he has no time for house rehabbing anymore.  He is now considered one of the top candlestick experts in the country.  Along with luminaries  . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo Martín Campana De Paul
"You can be free. You can live and work anywhere in the world. You can be independent from routine and not answer to anybody. This is the life of a successful trader. Many aspire to this but few succeed." Those lines from the introduction to Alexander Elder’s book “Trading for a Living” stirred something deep inside Martín Campana De Paul. From the time he was a teenager in a small Argentine town, Campana De Paul longed for the life of a trader. He was determined to reach for the inde . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo Michael Cook
Michael Cook is not likely to overreact to sudden movements in the market. After all, when you have executed transactions valued at tens of millions on institutional trade desks, you’re not likely to be rattled by a three-tick swing in the e-mini S&P’s. Cook spent 10 years on European trading desks as a market maker and senior trader with various banks and hedge funds, specializing in debt instruments and emerging markets. He holds degrees in Internation . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo Kevin Gawley
You can’t accuse Kevin Gawley of not having his head in the game.  “When I am not trading or researching the markets I am working out or sleeping,” he says.  “That’s about it.  I have very few distrations other than my cat.” Even allowing for a few meals here and there, it’s still a narrow focus for Gawley.  He trades from home, often at night, and considers his occupation to be a passion.  If there is  . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo Marko Grcic
Living on the Adriatic coast in the ancient Croatian city of Sibenik, surrounded by hundreds of magnificent islands, Marko Grcic is no stranger to natural beauty. But isn’t finding beauty in the futures markets a bit of stretch?  Not for Grcic. “As an active windsurfer, I have always been amazed by nature,” Marko says.  “What sparked my interest in trading is the beauty and elegance of the natural laws I can see in the markets every day.  There is a unique mixture of art and science that . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo N. Craig Haugaard
While working toward his Agricultural Economics degree at South Dakota State University in 1977, Craig Haugaard decided to divert his student loan money before paying his tuition one semester. He bought a contract of oat futures, pocketed a quick $300, then settled up with SDSU billing. “It was magic,” Haugaard says. “At that stage of my life I didn’t think through the consequences of my actions very well. If it had gone the other way I suppose I would have had to go hat in hand to my folks . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo Song Li
Growing up as a young boy in Beijing in the 1980s, the idea of becoming a professional trader never occurred to Song Li. “When I was a boy, the stock market in China was almost non-existent to the general public,” he says. “Many people thought of traders as gamblers. Now nearly every urban family has a trading account. The perspectives have changed.” Trading entered Song’s consciousness in the late 1990s and became an important area of interest after he moved to the U.S. to attend Wharton Bu . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo Rob Mitchell
Rob Mitchell is not your average professional trader. He made his first trade in 1978 when he bought stock in AT&T, but didn’t get serious about trading until he experienced his first losses in the market. That loss sparked an intense interest in trading and motivated him to never let that happen again. Rob graduated with honors from the University of South Carolina with a degree in experimental psychology.  He is President of Axiom Research & Trading Inc., a market research firm spec . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo Gene Payne
When it comes to observing trading styles, Gene Payne has been in the catbird seat for 30 years. Since 1985, Payne has worked in risk management, margin control and order entry roles for various U.S. Futures Commission Merchants and Introducing Brokers. He has worked with traders with multi-million dollar accounts and traders on $500 margin calls. Having seen traders of every stripe come and go, he holds one truth above all else: “Traders who do not quantify how much they are risking on tra . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo Brady Preston
When Brady Preston was in boarding school in the 11th and 12th grade, his peers thought he was a little off-kilter.  “I don’t think they ever really understood what I was doing,” Brady says.  “When the other kids were up on other floors, I was in my room programming and learning about trading systems.  I have burnt out a lot of computers over the years.” Preston’s trading began at age 16, when he sold his Honda CR 125 motorcycle for $1,100 and bought corn options with the  . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo Takumaru Sakakibara
Underneath the youthful appearance lies a savvy thirtysomething foreign currency trader who takes a broad view when formulating his FX trades. What’s happening with the flow of pension funds by cross-border enterprises? What are the expectations for short-term interest rates? What are 5- and 30-minute candlestick charts suggesting about trends? What does International Monetary Market position data show? What does public order book information indicate about support and resistance? Takuma . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo Larry Williams
"In a business known for one-hit wonders, Larry Williams has endured, passing the test of time... If there is one person who embodies the mind and the spirit of the individual trader during the entire 40 years existence of futures it probably would be Larry Williams." -- Futures Magazine, November 2012 Larry Williams began following the markets in 1962. His interest was sparked by the Kennedy market crash, when President Kennedy forced a roll back in steel prices. The crash was front page ne . . . READ MORE