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Advisor Photo Mark Ayoub
He’s trading’s answer to Phil Jackson. While Jackson brought a bit of Zen onto the basketball court, Mark Ayoub brings his own brand of spirituality to the trading screen.  He finds relief from the daily stress by “fine tuning” the inner self.  Winning trades are certainly welcome, but his ultimate goal is to become a better and more complete human being through communication with a higher power and the . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo Ashay Brahmbhatt
It may just be the closest thing there is to getting a Trading PhD. Ashay Brahmbhatt devoted more than 4,000 hours over a three-year period to complete the Super Trader program in 2011 at the International Institute of Trading Mastery in Cary, NC.  IITM is an arm of the Van Tharp Institute, an educational enterprise founded by Dr. Van K. Tharp, known for his work as an author, psychologist, coach, educator and  . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo Rob de Vries
If you think professional trading is tough, try flying an 75-ton aircraft at 40,000 feet with 189 passengers on board. Both are stern challenges at which Rob de Vries excells. In fact, he is so good that he teaches both skills to others. As a pilot who has flown 5,000 commercial flights and logged close to 10,000 hours in the air, de Vries trains cadets to fly the Boeing 737-800 for Ryanair, one of europe’s largest airlines. He still captains flights one or twice a week between training se . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo Kevin Gawley
You can’t accuse Kevin Gawley of not having his head in the game.  “When I am not trading or researching the markets I am working out or sleeping,” he says.  “That’s about it.  I have very few distrations other than my cat.” Even allowing for a few meals here and there, it’s still a narrow focus for Gawley.  He trades from home, often at night, and considers his occupation to be a passion.  If there is  . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo Marko Grcic
Living in Zagreb, Croatia, Marko Grcic is no stranger to natural beauty.  He lives just a short ride from the Sava River along the southern slopes of scenic Medvednica Mountain.  But isn’t finding beauty in the futures markets a bit of stretch?  Not for Grcic. “As an active windsurfer, I have always been amazed by nature,” Marko says.  “What sparked my interest in trading is the beauty and elegance of the natural laws I can see in the markets every day.  There is a unique mixture  . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo Victoria Grimsley
Make no mistake about this singer-dancer-actress-carpooling mother of two young boys from L.A.’s South Bay area. She takes her trading quite seriously. “I love to do things that keep my creative juices flowing, and I feel trading has a lot of creativity in it,” says Victoria Grimsley, a Screen Actors Guild member who has toured as a dancer, worked as a magician’s assisant and appeared in commericals and independent films. “I am 100% devoted to trading.” She demonstrated her d . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo Gary Hart
To find his own voice as a trader, Gary Hart went down an eclectic road.  A home study course by flamboyant Ken Roberts… a few years in Woodie’s CCI Club… workshops with systems trader Greg Ballard… a decade of experimentation using TradeStation… countless books and magazine articles. “They were all stepping stones and pieces of the puzzle,” Hart says.  “Ken Roberts got me into futures trading.  Woodie  . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo Chris Johnston
If Chris Johnston had to single out his core philosophy, it would probably be “Trader, know thyself.” “Match up your trading style with your personality,” Chris says.  “Be honest with yourself about who you are and what you are comfortable doing.  Once you have done that, seek out styles or techniques that are in harmony with your personality.  If you do not do this you will not succeed.” For . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo Craig Kendall
Prior to 2000, Craig Kendall was a CPA with an avid interest in real estate and stock market investing.  Then something in the economy caught his eye and dramatically changed his focus. “I saw that the valuations of stocks on companies were not in line with the cash flow of those companies, so I decided it was time to invest and trade in alternative investments.” Kendall says. Within a couple of years, Kendall b . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo Song Li
Growing up as a young boy in Beijing in the 1980s, the idea of becoming a professional trader never occurred to Song Li. “When I was a boy, the stock market in China was almost non-existent to the general public,” he says. “Many people thought of traders as gamblers. Now nearly every urban family has a trading account. The perspectives have changed.” Trading entered Song’s consciousness in the late 1990s and became an important area of interest after he moved to the U.S. to attend Wharton Bu . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo Archie Ma
Archie Ma prepares for each trading day by spending 30 minutes not thinking about trading. While Ma believes that daily meditation helps him prepare for the emotional rigors of trading, he excludes thoughts of the markets during his mental preparation. “To think about trading during meditation would encourage vibrations in our mental status,” he says. “As a result, it would distract our focus and attention from meditation itself. “Mediation gives us power in the form of energy physically, . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo Rob Mitchell
Rob Mitchell is not your average professional trader. He made his first trade in 1978 when he bought stock in AT&T, but didn’t get serious about trading until he experienced his first losses in the market. That loss sparked an intense interest in trading and motivated him to never let that happen again. Rob graduated with honors from the University of South Carolina with a degree in experimental psychology.  He is President of Axiom Research & Trading Inc., a market research firm spec . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo Brady Preston
When Brady Preston was in boarding school in the 11th and 12th grade, his peers thought he was a little off-kilter.  “I don’t think they ever really understood what I was doing,” Brady says.  “When the other kids were up on other floors, I was in my room programming and learning about trading systems.  I have burnt out a lot of computers over the years.” Preston’s trading began at age 16, when he sold his Honda CR 125 motorcycle for $1,100 and bought corn options with the  . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo Gary Segal
Gary Segal heard the clock ticking.  As a floor trader and broker in the early 2000s, he saw order flow to the pits drying up.  He knew that days were numbered for the spreading and scalping techniques he had been using in the Canadian Dollar pit since 1981. Traders in his situation went in several directions, many into new businesses.  Segal was determined to keep trading. “I knew if I had tried to u . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo Kurt Strässle
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Advisor Photo Max Strässle
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Advisor Photo Joe Texido
Joe Texido is a straight-talking, no-nonsense type of trader.  He doesn’t operate any web sites or online chat rooms.  He doesn’t speak at trade shows and he doesn’t write newsletters or magazine articles.  He doesn’t credit any market mentors for paving his way. Joe focuses on substance, not style.  He is veteran of 30 years in the futures industry, with experience in sales, trading, compliance and management at investmen . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo Larry Williams
"In a business known for one-hit wonders, Larry Williams has endured, passing the test of time... If there is one person who embodies the mind and the spirit of the individual trader during the entire 40 years existence of futures it probably would be Larry Williams." -- Futures Magazine, November 2012 Larry Williams began following the markets in 1962. His interest was sparked by the Kennedy market crash, when President Kennedy forced a roll back in steel prices. The crash was front page ne . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo René Wolfram
Like countless traders before him, René Wolfram gained his direction and inspiration from the legendary Larry Williams. For René, the catharsis occurred in his native Germany around 2003 at a live Williams seminar. It led Wolfram on a journey to study books and videos by Williams, and ultimately transformed him into the man behind the podium at high-profile trading seminars in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. “The biggest inspiration to me has been the best trader of all time: La . . . READ MORE
Advisor Photo Beau Wolinsky
Can you keep up with a quant like Beau Wolinsky? “I use a normalized volatility-based overbought-oversold threshold of the ratio of QID and QLD to buy the undervalued asset for my pair’s trades,” he explains.  “I use a statistical arbitrage technique named the Quadratic Projector that projects price to a point where it is highly prudent to take trades in that market direction and to exit at a specific time, and my Price Physics Trend Following model  . . . READ MORE