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Talented professionals from around the world display their live futures and forex trading accounts in real time on WCA and allow subscribers to follow their activity. You can follow the trading of any WCA lead account automatically in your own account with World Cup AutoTrade service. Program features include:


All trades displayed on WorldCupAdvisor.com are actual trades in funded accounts. Profit/loss in the Advisor Performance section is shown exclusive of commissions, fees, transaction and subscription costs; to evaluate the impact of these trading overhead costs, use the Net-Profit Calculator. Detailed Performance Reports are also available to subscribers and guest members.


Subscriptions are sold on a month-to-month basis, eliminating long-term commitments. With AutoTrade service, subscribers can start a new program or stop an existing one with a single phone call. Subscribers can control their own leverage by adjusting funding levels and adding or reducing exposure to a variety of programs.


The wide variety of WCA accounts gives investors the opportunity to diversify across asset classes, trading products and strategies. Please note, however, that diversification is not necessarily available when trading a single program. A prospect should evaluate each specific program's specifications to determine whether or not that program is suitable to the individual based on that person's diversification requirements.


Subscribers have access to a real-time display of activity in the lead account(s) to which they are subscribed. Displays feature separate screens for orders entered, open positions, closed positions and advisor commentary (please note that some order screens are disabled upon request of the advisor). When you're logged into a Live Update program, an instant message will appear on your screen and a bell will ring any time there is new activity. An email notification also accompanies each new activity, and subscribers can also receive text message notifications if desired at no additional charge.


We identify traders we believe are capable of sustaining profitable performance on a net basis over time. Our advisors include noted system developers, authors, commentators and educators. WCA AutoTrade service is designed to deliver same-price fills for leader and followers alike on futures trades; authorized brokers will waive commissions on any WCA leader-follower futures trade in which a follower’s fill price is not equal to or better than the lead trader’s fill price (with the exception of trades placed outside a program’s AutoTrade block when synchronizing positions for a follower entering a program or liquidating positions for a follower exiting a program).

risk and suitability

It is important to remind you that trading futures and forex involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone, and that past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.. Following any of our lead accounts should be undertaken with risk capital only. Before investing, you should carefully consider your risk tolerance and suitability for this type of investment.

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Trading futures and forex involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. This web site is intended as a solicitation for leader-follower AutoTrade programs offered by WorldCupAdvisor.com (WCA). There is unlimited risk of loss in selling options. An investor must read, understand and sign a Letter of Direction for WCA programs before investing. There are no guarantees of profit no matter who is managing your money. Net-profit data wherever displayed on WCA includes open trade equity if any as of market close on the date listed, and is calculated using current WCA subscription rates, standardized commission rates (including Exchange fees but not NFA fees) and funding requirements available through any authorized AutoTrade broker. For detail on commission calculations, open the Net-Profit Calculator. Trades displayed on WorldCupAdvisor.com are from proprietary accounts that are either owned by the advisor or are entities of which the advisor is a beneficial owner. Performance data shown for lead accounts is not necessarily indicative of subscriber rate of return and drawdown due to execution, slippage, subscriber funding level and other factors.

While great care is taken in the preparation of information presented on WCA, subscribers must rely on their account statements for subscriber-specific performance of any WCA program. WCA accounts do not necessarily represent all the accounts controlled by the advisor. The advisor may have other accounts that may be subject to commission rates different than rates required to follow his or her WCA account with AutoTrade service and may produce results different than his or her WCA account(s). The advisor may have previously displayed other accounts on WCA. Accounts trading in the World Cup Trading Championships (WCC) do not necessarily represent all the WCC accounts controlled by the competitor, may be subject to commission rates different than rates required to follow a WCC account with AutoTrade service, and may produce results different than the results achieved in other WCC accounts of the competitor. To view the trade-by-trade history of all WCA programs in our "Performance" section, fill out the "Performance Reports" form on the WorldCupAdvisor.com home page.