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How AutoTrade® Works


The Leader Places a Trade

The lead trader executes a trade in their own account as normal.

LF TradeSync® Modifies Quantity

Our Proprietary LF TradeSync® software modifies the order quantity to include the followers

Followers Take the Trade

The followers take the same trade at the same time and price.


How to Join World Cup Advisor®

Open A Trading Account

Open a trading account with an approved broker.

Demonstrate Risk Management

Trade with manageable risk parameters that are effective in various market conditions.

Show Consistent Profitability

Establish a track record with consistency and profitability.

trading laptop

Earn by Trading Your Own Account


Add Your Program to WCA

Once you've been approved to join the team, your trade history will be available at

Brokers Promote Your Trading

Our network of brokers will find suitable investors to subscribe to follow your trading program.


Collect Monthy Subscription Fees

You will earn a monthly fee based on the number of follower units subscribed to follow your trades.

Your past performance is available for prospective followers to review, and our network of brokers will find investors that want to follow your trading. You are then paid a monthly subscription fee for each unit following your trades. A unit is a 1:1 matching of your trades, so if a follower is doing a 2:1 ratio of your trades, you are paid for 2 units.

Join World Cup Advisor and start your trading career today!

Join World Cup Advisor and start your trading career today!


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