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Strategies to Overcome Fear in Volatile Markets

with John Bannan

Strategies to Overcome Fear in Volatile Markets

If you have ever traded for yourself, you know how tough it can be to see your account going up and down and decide when to get in and out. We’ve all been there in the stomach-turning moment where we missed the opportunity and got in or out too early or, even worse, too late. As a veteran trader of 20 years, I have spent 15 of them building fully systematic trading algorithms designed to bypass human emotion and decision-making and to give me the edge to outperform the market. Attend this webinar to learn about what I’ve discovered to apply my strategies to all market environments, from bull to bear and everything in between.


    • Why systems could help you sleep at night (For the record, I sleep like a baby even when my trade is underwater)
    • Why ‘Stop Losses’ don’t actually stop losses
    • How I manage my risk while trading the indexes
    • Get inside my trading (why I don’t care if the market is going up or down)
John Bannan

John Bannan

3rd Place Finisher
2022 World Cup Championship
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