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Benefits of using World Cup AutoTradeTM

  • Trades displayed on are live trades from proprietary accounts owned by our advisors. For funding details, open the Net-Profit Calculator and select the desired account.
  • Follow any program automatically in your own account with AutoTradeTM service.
  • If your fill price is not equal to or better than the advisor’s fill price on any futures trade, the trade is commission-free from your authorized AutoTrade broker (except for trades placed outside a program’s AutoTrade block when synchronizing positions for a follower entering a program or liquidating positions for a follower exiting a program).
  • Subscriptions are month-to-month -- no long-term commitments required.
  • Review every closed trade in every account and use the Net-Profit Calculator to analyze performance before making your investment decision.
  • Use to diversify your investments!
  • Featuring top traders from the World Cup Trading Championships®.
  • Receive IMs, text messages, audio alerts & email notifications of all trade activity.

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