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Leader-Follower™ Subscription Service

Our Leader-Follower subscription service provides an elegant trading solution for many investors. This service provides investors with access to our AutoTrade™ trading service powered by proprietary TradeSync™ software. We identify talented professional futures and forex traders and enable subscribers to automatically mirror their live trading automatically using our proprietary Leader-Follower subscription service. Lead traders have their own money on the line, right along with subscribers. We provide a variety of analysis tools so that you can find a program to follow that's right for your needs. Our AutoTrade trading service and TradeSync software were designed to deliver same-price fills to leaders and subscribers alike.



Many of our lead traders are identified through outstanding performances in the World Cup Trading Championships®, which have been running continuously since 1983. Performance of every contestant in this internationally recognized competition is evaluated by the WCA business development team.


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WCA identifies talented traders and authorizes them to trade self-funded “lead” accounts. Subscribers pay a monthly fee to "mirror" the account of the leader(s) they choose to follow. To mirror trades, a subscriber must open an account with an authorized broker and fund it at a level appropriate for the program(s) he or she elects to follow.


Subscriptions are sold on a month-to-month basis, and subscribers can start a new program or stop an existing one with a single phone call to their authorized broker. Subscribers can control their own leverage by adjusting funding levels and adding or reducing exposure to the programs they are following.


To find a "lead" program that's right for you in terms of your investment objectives, risk tolerance and funding level, create a free trial membership and use our analysis tools: Net-Profit Calculator to view fees and performance; life-of-program closed-trade data; advisor profiles and specifications; and detailed month-end performance reports.


If you've narrowed your search and need assistance, give us a call so we can help you make a final decision. If you've made your decision, click here to start the subscription process.


As a paid AutoTrade™ trading service subscriber, you'll have access to live trade screens for your program(s) to view orders as they are entered and fills as they occur. If desired, you'll receive email notifications and Instant Messages of all account activity. Your authorized broker will of course send you daily and monthly trading statements.


Performance includes open trade equity through October 19, 2017.

Trading futures and forex involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone.
Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

    • Michael Cook
    • ConvexityPROGRAM
    • 41.77MONTHS
    • $17,881NET PROFIT
    • 178.8NET RETURN
    • -50.4% (8/31/16 to 9/30/17)DRAWDOWN
    • Stefano Serafini
    • Moon WatchPROGRAM
    • 9.05MONTHS
    • $22,721NET PROFIT
    • 151.5NET RETURN
    • -23% (7/31/17 to 8/31/17)DRAWDOWN
    • Tim Birch
    • TradeNav AutomationPROGRAM
    • 21.45MONTHS
    • $10,601NET PROFIT
    • 106.0NET RETURN
    • -69.3% (1/31/17 to 5/31/17)DRAWDOWN
    • Marko Grcic
    • World Cup ChampionshipPROGRAM
    • 33.4MONTHS
    • $7,456NET PROFIT
    • 74.4NET RETURN
    • -46.8% (12/31/16 to 8/31/17)DRAWDOWN
    • Larry Williams
    • E-mini S&PPROGRAM
    • 43.35MONTHS
    • $9,660NET PROFIT
    • 48.3NET RETURN
    • -47.8% (6/30/14 to 1/31/15)DRAWDOWN
    • Z. Ozgun Tuzuner
    • Intraday DAX & DOWPROGRAM
    • 9.59MONTHS
    • $1,925NET PROFIT
    • 17.5NET RETURN
    • -30.6% (7/31/17 to 9/30/17)DRAWDOWN

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Trading futures and forex involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. This web site is intended as a solicitation for Leader-Follower™ subscription services offered by (WCA). There is unlimited risk of loss in selling options. An investor must read, understand and sign a Letter of Direction for WCA programs before investing. There are no guarantees of profit no matter who is managing your money. Net-profit data wherever displayed on WCA includes open trade equity if any as of market close on the date listed, and is calculated using current WCA subscription rates, standardized commission rates (including Exchange fees but not NFA fees) and funding requirements available through any authorized AutoTrade™ trading service broker. For detail on commission calculations, open the Net-Profit Calculator. Trades displayed on are from proprietary accounts that are either owned by the advisor or are entities of which the advisor is a beneficial owner. Performance data shown for lead accounts is not necessarily indicative of subscriber rate of return and drawdown due to execution, slippage, subscriber funding level and other factors.

While great care is taken in the preparation of information presented on WCA, subscribers must rely on their account statements for subscriber-specific performance of any WCA program. WCA accounts do not necessarily represent all the accounts controlled by the advisor. The advisor may have other accounts that may be subject to commission rates different than rates required to follow his or her WCA account with AutoTrade trading service and may produce results different than his or her WCA account(s). The advisor may have previously displayed other accounts on WCA. Accounts trading in the World Cup Trading Championships (WCC) do not necessarily represent all the WCC accounts controlled by the competitor, may be subject to commission rates different than rates required to follow a WCC account with AutoTrade trading service, and may produce results different than the results achieved in other WCC accounts of the competitor. To view the trade-by-trade history of all WCA programs in our "Performance" section, fill out the "free guest account" form on the home page.